The Story Begins...

Not long after emigrating from Italy, our parents Giovanni and Maria Di Fabio purchased their first vineyard in 1966, now nostalgically referred to as The Old House.  Purchased from the Moritz family, our Blewitt Springs property boasts vines from the original settlement.  Having forged their residence from ironstone gathered from nearby creeks, the property is emblematic of the region’s unspoilt natural surroundings.

Predominating in the region at that time was the production of stone fruits.  Endless summer holidays were spent in what Goe refers to as the “dreaded apricot shed” drying and sorting fruits.  However, the days of their stone fruit harvests were numbered, as a few years on, one fell blow of an apricot branch onto Maria’s head resulted in a trip to the hospital.  Fed up, Giovanni ordered a bulldozer to the orchard the next day.  Needless to say, that was the end of the family’s stone fruit endeavour.

Much preferring viticulture, our family took to establishing new vineyards, with many of the vines now over 40 years old and still producing bountiful crops to this day.  Our family has retained original Moritz plantings, dating back to 1936.

Our livelihood was challenged in the 1980’s, with a wine oversupply, and during its peak, heartbreak came at the end of the vintage as we were forced to leave fruit on the vines.  Through the banding together of the wine community, some equilibrium was eventually restored to the industry after with Vine Pull Scheme in 1985.  Gradually, the results of our hard work progressed from mere survival to earning a modest livelihood.

The family owns approximately 140 acres situated in Blewitt Springs and McLaren Flat, located within the famous McLaren Vale wine region.  Having built our winery in 1993, today our business is still run by our family, with all the passion and enthusiasm from the roots of our yesteryear.